We help modern startups fulfill their goals by taking control of the legal side of their businesses.

Hi! My name is Janet Alexandersson and I’ve been working as a lawyer with startups like yours for the past 17+ years.

I know the worries about incorporation, intellectual property, and state regulations that keep up at night. It has been my job and pleasure to transform those worries into confidence.

To help the startups I have worked with gain independence, stability, and legal robustness I created a dashboard that I used to keep track of their legal obligations, their contracts, templates, and upcoming challenges.

This helped them take a proactive approach to the legal side of their businesses and allowed me to spend less time on hand holding. My inbox got nice and quiet and my clients were happy to see lower bills.

These days I take very few clients, but I still have a passion for helping startups so I decided to turn my client dashboards into a tool that can be used independently by any startup.

I’ve added guides, manuals, wikis, and notes that help you quickly assess where your startup is at in its legal journey and start building the assets you need to be fully protected.

My hope is that you will stop being afraid of the legal side of your business and be able to spend most of your time and energy on what really matters – building a startup that makes a positive impact on the world.

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