Legal Independence Navigator

Gain control of the legal side of your business – without losing any sleep


Elevate your infrastructure

A custom workspace for keeping track of your legal documents, obligations and deadlines.


Establish reliable processes

Guides, checklists and tools that form the backbone of your legal SOPs and guide your decision making.


Empower your entire team

Give your team the tools and training they need to make informed legal decisions for your business.

We remove the going to the dentist feeling from all things legal for you and your team.

You know that you need to get the legal side of your business in order, but you don't know where to start so you have been putting things off. Let us fix the decision paralysis for you.

Our consulting includes professional advisory services, ecosystem auditing and creation of systems that give you the legal independence need to keep your momentum, your sanity and your profits.

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We provide you with best practice solutions tailored to how your business operates.


We set up a day to take full inventory of your current legal ecosystem. The inventory is made through interviews and questionnaires.


You are presented with your ecosystem report. Based on our findings we decide what elements to include in your custom set up.


We create your infrastructure as well as custom SOPs that support your in-house legal decision making. This takes 2-4 weeks.


We set up a call to introduce your new system and give you guidance so that you can bring your team onboard.

After working with us, you get 12 months of complimentary access to the Hive. 

The Hive is filled with our best practice SOP library that is continuously expanded, regular office hours where you can ask questions, and AMAs with legal professionals.

Browse through a selection of our SOP library below.

Should I Sign This
A guide to understanding any contract that comes your way. Includes questions to ask your counterpart for clarity.
Where Is My Gold

A cheat sheet and guide for detecting and protecting your intellectual property.

From Concern To Court

A step by step dispute resolution guide for everyday business scenarios. From initial grumbles to legal proceedings.

Where Is The Line

A checklist and guide to understanding how to bring your company in line with compliance.

Lawyer Onboarding

A guide for how to find, interview, work with, evaluate, and fire a lawyer. Get the most bang for your legal buck.

What Is The Policy

A checklist for understanding which internal and external policies your business needs .

Hide The Secret Sauce

A guide to protecting your business secrets. From documentation, to non-disclosure, and other legal protection.

One For You, One For Me

A checklist and framework for negotiating on behalf of your business that takes guess work and uncertainty out of the equation.

Dating Before Marriage
A guide to creating headache and surprise free business partnerships. Have the difficult conversations upfront and build a solid foundation.
Your Custom SOPs
We create the legal processes, guides, and checklists your business needs to make day to day legal decisions with ease.

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