Bring legal control in-house

Termhive is designed for you to be able to confidently make day-to-day legal decisions. Stop relying on, and paying for, lawyers telling you what you need to do to protect your business.


Identify and protect your assets

Discover the valuable assets your business has created and get instant guidance on how to best protect your intellectual property. It's time to figure out where your gold is.


Understand any contract

Stop signing things you don't fully understand. Gain full confidence by knowing which areas matter, what they mean, and what to ask if something is unclear.


Resolve disputes with guidance

Prevent disputes from escalating and getting out of hand by quickly taking the next steps needed to resolve them. Skip the nail biting and move forward with ease.


Organize your legal documents

Keep all of your legal documents at your fingertips when you need them. With Termhive you can see all of your contracts, templates, assets, and much more with the click of a button.


Keep track of your obligations

Make legal maintenance a part of your overall business routines. Termhive gives your pre-made views that update you on what needs your attention, what is over due, and is working well.


The legal industry makes business owners reactive when it comes to the legal side of their business. Termhive empowers you to become proactive.

Termhive was created by lawyers with over 18 years of experience working with business, startups, and freelancers. Our goal is to give you agency and confidence so that you can start dealing with all things legal on your own terms.

Termhive was designed to help you minimize your recurring legal costs. Become a legal savvy business owner and spend your time and money growing your business – instead of putting out fires.

Termhive saves the average business at least 27 hours of legal work.

My lawyer would charge me $ per hour.
I'm ready to save: $0