18 APRIL 2024 – 12PM ET

Create a legal decision making road map for your business

For most business owners the legal side of their business is scary and stressful. You know the stakes, but feel like you don't know what to do or who to trust.

At best you keep track of your obligations, at worst a lot of things fall through the cracks and your bottom line suffers.

This clinic is designed to take the fear out of the legal side of your business by creating a road map you can rely on.



The clinic will show you how to create a legal road map for your business, use a compass to make decisions and build a reliable GPS system moving forward.

The clinic is 90 minutes long and is focused on actions, not passive learning. Participants will be participating.

  • You are in charge
  • Founders
  • Owners
  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • You like systems
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Decision making database
  • Protocol building
  • Free mini OS


To make correct legal decisions in your business you need to understand your legal context.

The clinic will provide you with a framework for taking inventory of your legal ecosystem. What values and assets do you need to protect? Where are your biggest risks lurking? Let's find out.


To make confident legal decisions in your business you need to understand your obligations and expectations.

The clinic will help you create legal decision making OS tailored to your business. What are the consequences to your actions? How do you need your customers and business partners to behave?


To make consistent legal decisions in your business you need to understand your legal defaults.

The clinic will help you start building legal decision making protocols for your business. What do you do when you enter a new partnership or are sent a new contract? What do you want your team to do when they hear about a complaint?

The clinic is focused on the practical side of legal decision making. To help you get up and running straight away we have created a free mini OS for you.

You need a way to capture and organize your contracts, agreements and templates. The mini OS gives you a great starting point.


Day to day legal decisions are what drives your business forward – take back your agency.

Join the clinic on 18 April, 2024 at noon ET and start creating a legal system that helps your business grow, without any cold sweats.


Are you the host of an incubator, accelerator, or other business community?

Give your people an edge over their competition – add the clinic to your events schedule.

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