Guided tools that help you take confident legal action – today

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A guide to understanding any contract that comes your way:

  • Prompts for finding clarity
  • Copy paste questions for your counterpart

A cheat sheet and guide for detecting and protecting your:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Business secrets

A step by step dispute resolution guide for everyday business scenarios:

  • Late payments
  • Non-delivery
  • IP Infringement
  • Dispute scripts

A guide to shielding your business from future problems by:

  • Removing risks
  • Limiting liabilities
  • Preparing for friction

A checklist and guide to understanding how to bring your company in line: 

  • Industry compliance
  • State regulations
  • License requirements
  • And more

A guide to getting the most return on your investment:

  • Interview questions
  • Work with guide
  • Lawyer evaluation
  • Firing a lawyer

Instant legal infrastructure in your own Notion workspace:

  • Track obligations
  • Manage disputes
  • Pre-loaded with legal protocols for your team

From our desk to yours, a best practice legal command center based on 50,000+ hours of working with clients.


    What Is The Policy

    A checklist for internal and external policies:

    • Employee Handbook
    • Code of Conduct
    • Safety Policies
    • Payment Policies
    Coming soon

    Hide The Secret Sauce

    A checklist and guide for protecting your business secrets:

    • Documentation
    • Preserving secrecy
    • Non-Disclosure
    • Legal Remedies
    Coming soon

    Date Before Marriage

    A guide to creating headache and surprise free business partnerships:

    • Conversation menu
    • Overlapping motivations
    • What ifs prevention
    • Exit options
    Coming soon

    One For You, One For Me

    A framework for successfully negotiating on behalf of your business:

    • Contribution
    • Execution
    • Outcome
    • Ownership
    Coming soon

    Investor Dust Off

    A guide to getting the legal side of your business ready for investor scrutiny:

    • Clean up
    • Clear out
    • Presenting skeletons
    • Action plans
    Coming soon