The legal leverage your startup deserves –without the headache

The legal side of your business should be a competitive advantage, not a deal breaker.


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Legal Knowledge Areas  Note Processing  Tasks Assignment  Term Management
Mini Wikis  Template Archive  Lawyer Hub  Guides & Manuals
Recommended Resources

Legal Knowledge Areas  Note Processing  Tasks Assignment
Term Management  Mini Wikis  Template Archive  Lawyer Hub
Legal Playbooks  Recommended Resources

Legal Knowledge Areas  Note Processing
Tasks Assignment  Term Management
Mini Wikis  Template Archive  Lawyer Hub
Guides & Manuals  Recommended Resources

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Over 75% of startups have legal issues they are unaware of – is your startup one of them?

Like most startups you have been super focused on validating your idea, finding a profitable niche, and getting your growth engine moving. 

You've built systems for marketing, for customer onboarding, and for shipping updates.

What you haven't done is set up a legal ecosystem your startup can depend on. 

Instead all of your legal assets – and let's face it they are fewer than they should be – are scattered in various corners of your business.

Getting a grip on your legal obligations feels like going through an archeological dig.

When asked by potential partners and investors you don't know your insurance caps, your compliance obligations, or your contractual liabilities – you might not even know what these words mean to begin with.

What if legal went from being the scariest part of your startup to manage to the easiest?

You could have all of your contracts and templates at your teams fingertips – and know what they actually mean.

You could be fully in control of the legal side of your business and know exactly what to ask a lawyer to get the most out of their services.

You could land your dream investors by being a standout startup with no legal skeletons in the closet.

You already know that you "should" get your legal ducks in a row, but you keep putting it off

Every time you think of getting started, you get confused and overwhelmed. Before you start digging into contract templates and calling lawyers, you need to know:

  • What legal areas do we need to pay attention to?
  • How do we keep track of our legal obligations?
  • What can we do ourselves and what do we need a lawyer for?
  • How do we interview and onboard a good lawyer?
  • How can we create policies that keep us out of trouble?
  • How can we lower our legal fees?

The Termhive dashboard has helped us organize our legal documents saving us from dropping the ball on our commitments. Now we know our business could stand up to anyones scrutiny.
Maria G. – Founder of Health Services Startup

Take a shortcut to success by keeping the legal hub of your startup in-house, always.

With Termhive you can go from zero to a dependable, in-house legal ecosystem without spending endless hours and dollars on lawyers.

Become a safe bet for investors

Build a legally robust startup by making sure you and your team are always in alignment with your legal obligations.
Lower your legal fees by up to 50%

Taking charge of the legal side of your startup leads to focused interactions with well matched lawyers. Better results, for less money.
Operationalize your legal insights

Turn legal responsibilities and obligations into actionable policies that keeps your startup safe from costly mistakes.

Designed by startup lawyers for startups.

The command center and the supporting materials were first created to help our long-term clients become more independent.

We wanted them to only need to contact us when a new issue came about, not to ask about terms in an existing contract or the boundaries in their insurance.

Termhive was developed over years of client interaction and is now a complete system managing the legal side of your startup, with your lawyer as the backup singer, not the rockstar.

Having all of our legal documents, with explanations(!), in one place has been a game changer.
Samuel D. – Founder of Fintech Startup

What you get with Termhive

9 key legal areas to track

The command center is divided into the 9 legal areas that all startups must stay on top of to be investment ready.
Built in best practice

Each of the legal areas comes with 7 action items to get you started on improving the legal foundation if your startup.
Actionable Legal Playbooks

A library of playbooks for processes, policies and SOPs including Lawyer Onboarding and Should I Sign This Contract.
Documents at your fingertips

Termhive brings all of your legal documents and templates into one central hub making them easy to find for your team.
Lawyer dashboard

Make communication with your lawyers smooth and efficient by assigning tasks and receiving notes in one dashboard.
Legal task assignment

Stay on top of your legal action items by turning important notes into tasks assigned the right people in your startup.

Termhive was built for high risk startups who need a solid legal foundation

  • Your startup operates in a field that has compliance requirements and missteps are costly.
  • Your startup is considered a high risk investment to VCs and you cannot afford built in liabilities.
  • You don't want your team to give you extra headaches by not knowing the legal boundaries of your startup.
  • You would rather prevent future disputes by actively taking charge of the legal ecosystem your startup operates in.

Your goals is to land your dream investors and take your startup to the next level – we are here to make sure that you don't lose out on a legal technicality

Thanks to our legal command center we could quickly give our potential investor an overview of our legal obligations that made them feel comfortable moving forward.
Cecilia P. – Founder of Medical AI Startup

Let's make legal a breeze to deal with for you and your team with access to instant infrastructure and processes.





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Legal Point Person Set Up

60 day Support Access

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We have not had a contract mishap in over 6 months now. All of our team knows where to check for deadlines and milestones.
Miles E. – Founder of Biotech Startup