Data rooms that tell your story.

Impress investors with easy to understand data rooms that let you pitch with confidence.


Due diligence is hard just got easier. Sail through your due diligence process and stand out from the crowd with data rooms that give you an unfair advantage.

Don’t just leave it up to your legal documents and financial reports to speak to your investors. Bring your own narrative and supporting visuals to the table and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Showcase your potential for long-term success in an interactive way. Reduce the possibility of your best features being lost in translation and increase your odds of landing your dream investors.

  • Built In Due Diligence
  • Investor Comments
  • Pre-Built Memo
  • One Click Rooms
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Investor Tracker
  • Hub Structure
  • Playbooks
  • Much more...

Pitch with confidence – collect and present the right information at the right time. All information is not relevant to every investor at every stage.

With built in best practice, Termhive guides you step by step through the due diligence process and sets up data rooms that are tailored to the different stages of investor interaction.


Control your narrative – numbers don't always speak for themselves. Make sure your investors know the context around your data.

Our data rooms are designed for you to highlight the strategic decisions behind your success and paint an exciting picture of your future growth, while providing the right documents to prove it.


Present your investors with data rooms that persuade on your behalf. Your voice is heard, even when you are not there.

Termhive helps bring your investor memo to life by combining data and story telling. You'll be able to confidently share the foundation of your business with the most exciting investors.


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